20 June 2015


Sorry for the lack of content recently and for letting what was once a rather active blog go fallow. One post (often rehashed) every so many months simply will not do, nor is it fair to anyone who has kindly enjoyed reading what I've written in the past!

There are changes afoot that I hope will remedy this. In a week's time I am returning to New Zealand where I will take up the role of Curator of Rare Books and Fine Printing with the Alexander Turnbull Library as of 13 July.

Those who know me know I prefer to keep this blog professional rather than personal, so I will not go into the reasons why I feel a return to New Zealand will see a return of regular posts to Antipodean Footnotes. I do, however, feel I owed those who read and follow my blog an apology for being completely off my game lately. I very much appreciate your interest in what I have to write about books and book history, and do hope you will bear with me as I turn the page on a new chapter in my life and career.

Will write again once settled into my new position. Until then, sincere thanks for reading this, and take care!

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