01 October 2012

Major Ornament Study Digitized And Freely Available

[The following was posted to Exlibris-l by Shef Rogers, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Otago]

Samuel Richardson by Mason Chamberlin
The Department of English at the University of Otago and Dr. Keith Maslen are delighted to announce that Keith's book, Samuel Richardson of London Printer: A Study of his Printing based on Ornament Use and Business Accounts (Dunedin, 2001; ISBN: 0-473-07760-4), has been deposited in the OURArchive as a freely available PDF.

The book is released along with a free PDF of Dr. Maslen's recent supplementary study identifying further works printed using Richardson ornaments, "Samuel Richardson of London, Printer: Further Extending the Canon," published last month in Script & Print: Bulletin of the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Both items are published under a Creative Commons Attribution–Non-Commercial–No Derivatives license. Any queries, additions or other thoughts will be gladly received by Dr. Maslen (contact details).

A few (c. 5) printed copies of the book remain available for purchase via the English Department at Otago. An order form and details are to be found on the web.


My congratulations to Keith and the University of Otago for making these resources freely and widely available.

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