01 March 2011

Christchurch Heritage Collections - Early Report

I have been in touch with a colleague from University of Canterbury special collections. The campus remains closed, so she has yet to see what state the collection is in. The special collections weathered the September quake rather well due to the type of shelving and location on the ground floor. We can only hope it is the same this time. Thankfully, and most importantly, no staff have been injured.

The James L. Logie Memorial Collection of Greek and Roman antiquities (also held by the University) has been packed away since the September quake when the collection was badly damage. No news, but hopefully the packing has protected the objects.

There was an article in 'The Press' about the Art Gallery, which also mentions the Canterbury Museum collections.

So, no precise news to report at present. Will post an update as more information becomes available.

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  1. You have an interesting blog. I love the bibliology.
    Best regards from Barcelona (Spain, in the Anthipodes!).